Bands (not yet) known that we love

Benito Band    Bitpart    Blue(R)    Côme    La Famille Grendy   Frankenstein Sexy Freak   Goodbye 20 Hello 30    Guru Meditation    Perfect Idiots    Pilgrim    polarbird    Selar    Social Square    The Wendy Darlings    The Wrong Sister    Ya un bruit bizarre    ( Sluggish )


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We also like a lot :

( Comics, drawings )
Halfbob and his blog on indie rock (FR)
Scott McCloud's blog
Raymond Pettibon's website
Sylvain Cnudde's blog and his gig sketches
Wikipedia pictures greatly remade with MS Paint by Colin

( Music )
Michael Azerrad's blog
Jack Endino's website
A la recherche des sons perdus (FR)
Eldorado Magazine (FR)
Noise Mag (FR)

( Bands & Artists )
Lou Barlow's confusing website
Jason Loewenstein's website and blog
Mike Watt (Minutemen)
Nels Cline (Wilco,Geraldine Fibbers)
Butthole Surfers
Billy Childish's gallery

( Radios shows / Podcasts)
The butcher experience
La playlist rock indé (Radio Grand Brive)
Yummy (Radio Campus Paris)
Voix de garage

( Movies )
Cinéma de Minuit's movies (FR)
L'Action Christine (FR)
La classe américaine (FR)
La dialectique (FR)

( Photos )
Glen E. Friedman
Olivier Decré's website
Pictures by Etienne
Pictures by Yann G

( Games )
Everyday the same dream
Molle Industria's games
The Incredible Machine
Try to defeat us ^_^

( All kind of stuff )
Arrêt sur Images (FR)
Steve Albini's cooking blog
Jon Stewart
René Magritte
Max Ernst
René Goscinny
Terence Hill and Bud Spencer
Weird people
Bad wordplays