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Bubblegum (2020)
An EP for dunces and repeaters
It's the 9th in 10 years, that still makes 9/10 ^_^


The Attic (2019)
A lo-fi split EP recorded in the Grendy's attic
(with the legendary Famille Grendy and The Wrong Sister)


Hello (2018)
A small 2-tracks and just that
(we can't make double albums every year, right?)


Wonderflu (2017)
This is our first album (after 10 years...)
To make it special, it's a double one with 30 tracks and 1h15 of music!


Bison (2016)
A weird three-pieces animal
(Recorded during the Call it monster sessions)


Call it monster (2015)
It's our fifth EP
A pretty tough one
(expect high pressure and close marking)


the heart of seashells? (2014)
It's our fourth EP
Tracks were recorded with those from What's inside
(they're a little bit angrier though so we released two EPs instead of a big one)


What's inside (2014)
It's our third EP
We think it's quite poppy
And we're proud to have recorded it on our own 🙂


No end in sight (2013)
It's our 2d EP
It's wild


Lota Schwager (2010)
It's our first EP
It's a little bit more pop than what we're doing right now but we're still happy with it


Sessions Chacos (2008)
These demos were recorded at Chacos' place in 2008
They were made for the venues so they could listen to what we do and let us play.
It worked poorly (no problem, we didn't give up like that)


Sessions Royan (2007)
Before Gael, Greg was the drummer
You can check his skills below
(we recorded it in a week in october 2007, in Royan, to make a demo that could be uploaded in myspace in order to get a drummer)


By the way, we also started  a more piano / banjo focused project
We just need more time to make it real
("it's like WONDERFLU but it's light")
("With WONDERFLU light, you can have all the flavour of WONDERFLU without its fat sound")


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