Our tracks (from A to Z)

On this page, we try to list every track we've recorded or played live (from A to Z).


All the recorded tracks can be heard on this page.
Our lo-fi, naked bastard tracks can be listened to here but you have to be subscribed to our newsletter to enter that page.
To check live tracks, well, you'll have to see us live ^_^

  1. 2015 (Wonderflu)
  2. 442 (Lota Schwager)
  3. 7 to 11 (the heart of seashells?)
  4. Accelerate (Wonderflu)
  5. Across the river (Wonderflu)
  6. A lot (Wonderflu)
  7. A lot more (Wonderflu)
  8. Anybody (No end in sight)
  9. Anymore (Call it monster)
  10. A plan to heaven (Wonderflu)
  11. Are you right ? (Wonderflu)
  12. Back to mamie (What's inside)
  13. Bananas (Bison)
  14. Barbecue (Wonderflu)
  15. Beat me (Bubblegum)
  16. Below (Démos)
  17. Beside the road (Bastard Tracks)
  18. Bison (Bison)
  19. Bragging (Green Planet)
  20. Calling Raoul (Lota Schwager)
  21. Can't you see (Live 2008)
  22. Change that world (Wonderflu)
  23. City of fear (Démos)
  24. Comeback (Lota Schwager)
  25. Come on (Long Distance)
  26. Courageous (Green Planet)
  27. Couscouscous (Bastard Tracks)
  28. Curfew (Bastard Tracks)
  29. Deserve (The Attic)
  30. Driving no more (Wonderflu)
  31. Drunk (Wonderflu light)
  32. Dust (Wonderflu light)
  33. Eternal (Long Distance)
  34. Expectations (Bastard Tracks)
  35. Expiration (Bastard Tracks)
  36. Every day (Session vidéo Désinvolt 2011)
  37. Eyes wide open (Bastard Tracks)
  38. Fail (Call it monster)
  39. Fall on me (the heart of seashells?)
  40. Find a way (Wonderflu)
  41. Fine now (No end in sight)
  42. Flames (No end in sight)
  43. Fucked up (Live 2010)
  44. Get down (Call it monster)
  45. Golden chair (Démos)
  46. Goods (Wonderflu)
  47. Green Planet (Green Planet)
  48. Halfbob (Bastard Tracks)
  49. Hello (Hello)
  50. Hey Dude (Bastard Tracks)
  51. Honey (Wonderflu)
  52. House on the run (Wonderflu)
  53. I do feel blind (Wonderflu)
  54. I know I remind you of someone else but let's pretend I don't (Bastard Tracks)
  55. I know about them (Wonderflu light)
  56. I suppose (Démos)
  57. I talk to myself (Bastard Tracks)
  58. I'm just fine (Bastard Tracks)
  59. I'm sure (Live 2008)
  60. Is it real ? (Wonderflu)
  61. It's time (Bison)
  62. It won't be long (Démos)
  63. It's alright (Démos)
  64. January ends (Bubblegum)
  65. Let me enter (Bastard Tracks)
  66. Like it never happened before (Bastard Tracks)
  67. Life vest under your seat (Call it monster)
  68. Lost in the '50s (No end in sight)
  69. Lulu Carabine (Bastard Tracks)
  70. Lumpenproletariat blues (Wonderflu light)
  71. Machines (Call it monster)
  72. Mad college (Bubblegum)
  73. Maple Syrup (Green Planet)
  74. Marc Poivrons (What's inside)
  75. Matter of choice (Wonderflu)
  76. Meaningless (compile Influenza Records)
  77. Moon (Démos)
  78. Morning fever (What's inside)
  79. Motorcycle (the heart of seashells?)
  80. Mystery side (Démos)
  81. No need to sell it (Bubblegum)
  82. Not sorry (Démos)
  83. No water, no food, no light (Bastard Tracks)
  84. Oh my (Bastard Tracks)
  85. Open Spaceship (Long Distance)
  86. Paris bad night (the heart of seashells?)
  87. Phase (Wonderflu)
  88. Piracy (Bastard Tracks)
  89. Power of time (No end in sight)
  90. Radical offense (Bastard Tracks)
  91. Radio edit (Wonderflu)
  92. Random (The Attic)
  93. Rational Tomatoes vs. Rotten Speech (Long Distance)
  94. Realize (Lota Schwager)
  95. Recently seen (Wonderflu)
  96. Referee with a trench coat (Wonderflu)
  97. Reverse (Wonderflu)
  98. Rob a supermarket (feat. Troy von Balthazar) (Wonderflu)
  99. Running faster (Lota Schwager)
  100. Sea the lion (Live 2010)
  101. Second floor (Wonderflu)
  102. Senile approach (Bastard Tracks)
  103. Shadow's eyes (Wonderflu)
  104. She has no make up (Démos)
  105. Shining (Live 2008)
  106. Silence in your mind (What's inside)
  107. Singalong (Hello)
  108. Slavia (Green Planet)
  109. Solid meals (Wonderflu)
  110. Sorrow (soundcloud.com/wonderflu)
  111. Speaker (Call it monster)
  112. Speed (Bastard Tracks)
  113. Stupid Ring (Long Distance)
  114. Tease you (Wonderflu)
  115. That kind of guy (Bastard Tracks)
  116. The line (What's inside)
  117. The sheep and the wall (Démos)
  118. There was a time (Bastard Tracks)
  119. Things that never work right (Wonderflu)
  120. This Is Your New Room (Long Distance)
  121. Thunder's grave (No end in sight)
  122. Turbulence (Wonderflu)
  123. To Lou (Bastard Tracks)
  124. Travel (Lota Schwager)
  125. Try to be a Tom instead (Bastard Tracks)
  126. Try to try (No end in sight)
  127. Why don't you think? (The Attic)
  128. Yodel (Wonderflu)
  129. You should resist (Bubblegum)
  130. Your TV has a son (the heart of seashells?)
  131. Your draw (Lota Schwager)
  132. You've Never Wanted To Speak (Long Distance)
  133. Chesley's little wrists (Pavement cover// Tribute ADA)
  134. Poor places (Wilco cover // Live)
  135. Together or alone (Sebadoh cover // Tribute ADA)
  136. Untitled (Sonic Youth cover // Tribute ADA)
  137. Happy Days (TV show theme cover // Bastard Tracks)

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