A live recording in a 19th century house @ Trouville-sur-Mer
(This is Your New Room / Flames / Rational Tomatoes / Solid Meals / Beat Me / Turbulence / Courageous / Come On / Eyes Wide Open / I'm Just Fine)

Videos from "Long Distance"
(This Is Your New Room / Rational Tomatoes vs. Rotten Speech)

Videos from our "double white album"
(Reverse / Things That Never Work Right / Driving No More / Recently Seen / Tease You)

Get Down
The video.

"KEXP-like" Live Session
(Get Down / Speaker / Fucked up / Your TV Has A Son / 7 To 11)
Recorded in VHS by our heroes, the tcritromal pals.

Videos "from the heart of seashells ?"


With live footage from the Freak Scene and stock footage

Fall on me

Silence in your mind
Live @ l'Espace B (Paris)
Thursday, march 14, 2013
One of What's inside's track...

Videos from "No End In Sight"

Fine Now


Live @ l'International (Paris)
Saturday, september 4, 2010